Scrubby-dub-dub, therapy in the tub!

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Regardless of therapy recommendations, there are so many things you as a parent can do to help foster language development in your child each and every day. In fact, parents are a child's first and best teachers! This means better than the speech therapist, better than the early childhood educator, and better than the psychologist. Does this mean every parent of a child with learning challenges must go back to school for a degree in teaching, speech therapy, psychology, etc? Of course not! But you do owe it to your child to learn from the professionals who are educated in these fields. View them as your coaches, and imitate the models they provide you with. Bring home the strategies you see them using, and transform yourself into your child's 24-hour, personal therapist. Seem like a daunting task? Perhaps... but remember, therapy is less about formal training, and more about seizing the opportunities that already exist in each moment of your child's day.

Let's consider some examples of how you can make a habit of stimulating language during your child's daily routines...

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