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Oct. 8, 2013 Parenting Event

Play & Parenting Workshop in The Hague on October 8, 2013. 19:30-21:30.

Scrubby-dub-dub, therapy in the tub!

Parent guide: How to stimulate language development during your child's daily routines

Article for Amsterdam Mamas

Tips for parents of bilingual children with suspected or diagnosed language delay.

What? I have an accent?

Perspectives on foreign accents and implications for society.

Bilingual Children with Autism?

Struggling with the issue of bilingualism/multilingualism for your child with autism?

Stuttering and Bilingualism

Some excellent questions and answers about stuttering and bilingualism, adapted from Garth Foote in an ASHA Leader article (Marc…

Bilingualism and Brain Development Research

Wow! This article is an inspiring read! Who knew that being bilingual has proven positive effects on brain activity?

What is apraxia?

The diagnosis of "Childhood Apraxia of Speech" (CAS) has been gaining publicity recently. So what exactly is it? How can I know …

Tribute to Trisomy 21

March 21: World Down Syndrome Day Here's a tribute to all the wonderful individuals who are blessed with a third 21st chromosom…

Bilingualism and Language Delay

Speech and language delays in bilingual environments.